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This is my Blog

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This is my Blog


July 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

So this is my blog. What to write! And so it begins......

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    fairhope, Alabama

    this to the mather with thelittel girl who was taken off here diet @4or5
    Iam a 40 year old I was put on my diet at 10 days old .bACK then my mom was told that I would have to be on my diet untill I was 3 years old so when I reached 3 they changed it to 7 so i came off my diet and stayed off
    it untill I was grown and married And it wasnt untill then when i was trying to have a baby that i found out
    that theywere keeping childern on there dieit for good .
    when I was carring my baby I head to go back on my diet and get my level between 2 nad 6 do you know how
    heard that was after being off my diet all thughs years but I did it and now I have 2 great boys 11 years old
    and 13 years old Iam no longer on my diet eventhough the docters wonted me to stay on it I could not
    do it becouse of Ins would not cover it The formula that I head to have And was un able to get help from
    my state.
    so now I am off my diet .I can tell you if I could get my Ins would cover it I wouldgo back on it.
    I felt so much better when I was on it off my diet my level is over 20 so if you have your child off her dite
    you might wont to go back on it so your child will feel better and whenyour child starts school your will be
    able to so much better going by how I felt I found school very heard and moore up thight and when I was
    on my diet I was moore lay back and calm and felt good to
    I hope this helps you bibbyjo

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    G said on July 22, 2009

    So this is day 2 of my blog…..

    Well about me then!

    I was on a strict diet until I was about 13, and between 13-15 my diet was slowly relaxed. By the time I was 16 I was off diet.

    For about 20 years I remained off diet and now I have just turned 37. Four months ago I went back on the diet, not for any particular reason, but rather to see if I notice any differences since being off diet for so long.

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