Traveling to Spain!! Food?

Traveling to Spain!! Food?

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Traveling to Spain!! Food?

November 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

I'm finally going on my first real vacation next month, I am going on a trip to Spain with my boyfriend. It was kind of a spur of the moment, since we found a great deal on the week of Christmas. It is our dream to travel, especially to Spain so we are very excited. My main concern is what kind of food am I going to be able to eat while I'm out there for the week. Most of their foods contain seafood since they are right where the Mediterranean sea. I've been having issues with coverage for medical food these past year and a half, but even if I had coverage I wouldn't be able to prepare low protien food because the hotel room does not have even microwave. According to my uncle, who has traveled to Spain 3 times, the employees at hotels in Spain are laid back and not as accomodating we are in the U.S. Has anyone ever traveled to Spain, or to any other country? What kind of food did you eat? *Lauren*

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    Hey im having the same problem as you, im going to spain in febuary with my boyfriend, but im worried because i dont think there will be much food i can eat either, and now you tell me theres sea food! now im even more worried. ive never been to spain, but im sure there would be things like vegetables right?

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    They should have some vegetarian foods, I’m guessing its limited as far as a decent selection since from what I read they are a carnivorous country and apparently being a vegetarian is frowned upon (isn’t that comforting lol I’m sure we will be fine though) that’s what it said in an article I read online. But I asked my dietician is she could help me find out what kind of foods i would be able to eat out there. I just read an article saying they put anchovies in salads so it looks like were going to have to watch out for that too. Types of food varies depending on where in Spain you are traveling to also. I’m going to Madrid, where are you going?

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    Hey Lauren Christie :)

    well, I haven’t been to Spain yet, but I am pretty sure that you can easily get vegetables and fruits. And Spanish food also has a lot of vegetarian specialities, for example the tapas, small portions of olives, potatoe meals, mushrooms, vegetable spears etc. If you’ll be eating out in restaurants mainly I would explain that you would like to have a vegetarian meal without cheese and I’m sure they will help you out.

    For the hotel, you can bring some low protein bread with you, maybe in a small cooling box for the transport and either you store it at the refridgerator in the hotel room or you ask the hotel staff to keep it for you. I’ve done it this way during a stay in Italy and it wasn’t a big deal. So you can have a normal breakfast every morning. In case they should be not very helpful or willing to help you out, I would tell them I’d be allergic (I think this gives a better picture… almost no one knows about PKU but if you say allergic they will be more careful)

    concerning your formula, I would recommend to let your doctor create a document which confirms what kind of formula you have to take (exact name and company, explanation why you have to take it) and I would take this with me – I’ve done so (I never needed it – but you’ll never know with 1 kg of white powder in your suitcase ;)

    Have a wonderful journey – and in case you should have further questions – drop me a line!
    Katie xxx

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    Thanks Kate I appreciated the advice, I did most of what you recomended.
    I actually got back from Spain last month in the begining of January. Spain was beautiful!! We had a buffet breakfast that came with our hotel which consisted of mainly fruit, yogurt, cereal, bread. etc. so breakfast was not too much of a problem. For lunch and dinner we stuck to cafeterías which is kind of like diners to us in the US. Usually when I asked for a vegitarian meal it would typically have eggs in it so once I realized that then I just asked them for my meal without eggs. Other than that the food was delicious and the experience wa s priceless, we woudl definitely go again!
    @ 3Flicka3 – Let me know how your trip goes!

    <3 Lauren

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