Trying something New?

Trying something New?

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Trying something New?

April 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

i want to do something really fun for my sons first birthday and im trying to come up with a good cookie to make and i cant seem to find one.... i did this cookie tonight and it did not turn out very well...very dry and had like no tast... dose anyone have any ideas to a good cookie... im just trying to find something really good that will make his day on his first birthday....????

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    There are quite a few cookie recipes on Cook for Love’s website. Registration is free.
    Founder of Cook for Love

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    Hi, I’m living with my kids in Germany, but I hope I can help anyway. My son is 8 years old now and I tried a lot of recipes. As I figured out that all recipes from nutrition companies are terrible (the cake and cookies are hard as stone and taste like nothing) I changed my mind. I use regular recipes and just change the ingredients into low protein ingredients. Just take the same amount of stuff and just use low protein flour, sunflower margarine instead of butter, low protein milk for making it a little softer and instead of real eggs use egg replacement (hope you can get that over there). Here is a cookie recipe my son really loves a lot: Take 6.2 oz sunflower margarine, 7 oz sugar, 1/2 oz vanilla sugar, 3/4 oz egg replacement with 1/3 cup of mineral water (mix first and add then), vanilla flavor, 8.8 oz flour, 1/2 oz baking powder and 2 oz dark chocolate chips. Beat it all very well and at least 3 minutes. Make little balls ( cover your hands with low protein flour) and press them flat so you have discs with a size of a normal chocolate chip cookie and place them on a pan covered with baking paper. Bake them 15 to 20 min. on 350 degrees. Have fun and I hope your son likes them. They do have each about 8 phe. I don’t know what kind of flour you use. Ours has 70 phe on 1 pound. Your son will just turn 1 year old and I don’t know how many teeth he already has, but I really hope he’ll be able to eat those cookies and I also hope he’ll love them as much as Justin does. I you have more questions or just want to talk feel free to contact me. And have a nice 1st. birthday with your son. Greetings from Germany. JustinsMom
    P.S. I hope I didn’t make too many mistakes. My english isn’t really so good.

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    Hi Amanda,
    When I was younger my mom would make me a rice crispy treat cake. You can go buy a cake pan (my mom always got horses because I am horse crazy) then you just make the batch up and pour it in the cake pan. My mom would even decorate it with frosting it was the best even though I am 24 now I still have her make them for me on my birthdays :) hope this helps just an idea!

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    I have always been a fan of the basic cookie recipe in the Low Protein Cookery for PKU cookbook by Virginia Schuett. I usually have better luck with “method 2″ and it has several options for which types of cookies you can make. I like chocolate chip, but have also made applesauce spice cookies and taken them to PKU events or eaten them all for myself. :) The only problem is that there is a LOT of margarine/vegetable shortening so you can almost taste the fat (makes it taste good though!) My husband has tried them and said they taste like cake mix cookies that my mother in law has made for years. A co-worker tried them and was excited that my food tasted good.

    If you ever have any other ideas or are looking for other options for birthday cakes, etc. please let me know. My mom has been creative with cake decorating over the years–sometimes I would just have a low protein cupcake off to the side that matched the decorations on the main cake, but often she would be able to incorporate my cake into the decor. When I was confirmed at church, I had a cross cake and one of the cross-bars was low protein and the rest of the cake was regular cake for all of my guests at the party.

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