trying to be good.

trying to be good.

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trying to be good.

November 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well i live in Manchester, England and from reading other peoples blogs I have found that america are way ahead with the devlopment of P.K.U. I have never met or talked to someone else with P.K.U so I feel really alone. Although my family and friends are great am 21 years old and feel lost with having P.K.U. I find it really hard to sick to the diet but i know i have to in order to start a family when the time comes. I am trying to get my levels down and try and get a hold of my P.K.U even though I have had it my whole life I feel like am learning everything for the first time when I go for my appointmenat for the first time on my own. I am sure I will get it all togeather so I will keep you all posted.

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    Hi Lorry..

    My names Nicole and am from Scotland. I have classical PKU. Ave never spoke to anyone with PKU either till i found this website.. i have met alot of lovely people from all over the world, and i agree America are really advanced with PKU, i guess the only advantage we have is we get our Prescriptions free :-) x

    Wat type of PKU do u ave ??

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