trying to get level to get pregnant and have a healthy baby

trying to get level to get pregnant and have a healthy baby

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trying to get level to get pregnant and have a healthy baby

May 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey Everyone, My name is amanda and i am an adult with pku. ive had a rough childhood with not having the right food for me to eat and not all the information for me to stay on diet. I am now 31 and married and wanting to get pregnant and start a family. I am trying to get my levels low for a healthy baby and pregnancy. This has been real hard for me and im looking for any kind of information tips ideas or anything that may help. even if i can befriend someone who is going through this same ordeal or has gone through it would be great for motivation and support. please leave a message if you can help or willing to befriend me. Thank you

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    Taylor, Michigan

    ik that it is hard sometimes becsuse iwas the same way growing up and whithin thje past few years i have been watching what i eat and how much of things that i cant have but ik that when i am taking the formula and everything that i am supposed to do i fell better … i was not off the diet i just didnt like to take my formula because it used to make me sick . now i am on my diet fully and i drink my formula and take my kuvan every day .

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    wichita, Kansas

    what is kuvan?

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    Leesburg, Virginia

    Kuvan is something for people to take that helps them keep
    There levels low, but I don’t think it it has been approved
    To take well TTC or while pregnant. Bit I will find out and I will
    Let you know ASAP.

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    Salinas, California

    Hi Amanda my name is Michelle, I have a daughter Jenny who has PKU. I would be glad to be your friend and share information and be there for support. Just send me a friend request. Hope to hear from you.

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    Derbyshire, INTERNATIONAL

    Hi Amanda
    My name is Lucy I’m 28 and I am on the strict diet wanting to try for a baby and would love to have someone to talk to about it. I’m having mixed success as my levels tend to go up and down quite a bit, they have been too low and too high. I don’t really know where I’m going wrong or why I can’t keep them level although my doctor is making it very difficult for me to get low protein food on prescription which doesn’t help. Anyway I would love to hear from you so hopeyou get in touch.
    Thank you for posting! xx

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    canton, Ohio

    hello my name is maria. I too am wanting to start getting on my diet so i can have a healthy baby. I already have a healthy little 4 yr. girl my son passed away and its been three years now. Its a long story but where i was living no one could get ahold of my formula for me i ran out and it was justa mess. I am looking for a buddy to help me along to get on my diet so i can get prego again and have just one more child. I feel it would be easier to have someone who knows what I am going through every day.

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