turn for the worst

turn for the worst

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turn for the worst

June 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

hey every one my name is andrea for thoose who dnt know me . well i have some really bad news well i turns out that my grandma past away this wenesday june 6 th . i well tell you all that she was one heck of a lady she never judged people and always loved every one. lasted july we found out that she had cancer it was pretty sever then others . but we are glad that we got to spend the last few weeks with her before she past . i hope she is happy now that she doesnt have not more cancer or pain . im really glad that she got to see all her bothers and sisters . that she passed away peace fully and i well tell you one thing about my grandma is that she was always happy and never really mad . hahaha im really going to miss her she was like my best friend and always help me get through things that were so diffcult for me just like my pku and when my parents devorced . but my grandma she well always be watching me and my family and friend s . if any of you have any questions about how to get through loses to cancer just inbox me or leave a comment :) . thank you <3 , andrea

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    Hey andrea
    i’m so sorry for your loss cancer is a horrible thing and its always horrible seeing someone you love suffer through it. i know how you feel as my grandad died from cancer also last year and i just want you to know if you need someone to talk all you have to do is message me. your grandma is sure to be in a better place and as you say its good that she’s no longer in pain, just keep your head up and know that it does get better with time but you also need to give yourself time to grieve.
    Hope your doing okay
    Rachel <3

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    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Hey andrea
    that is so sad. my grandpa actually died when i was 2. so i really dont know what kind of pain i felt. but i can tell you that, i really miss him. but i always know that he is watching over me and my family :). i know right now is a tough time with losing family members. i know what you are going through, actually one year ago my dads grandpa died. my dad was heart broken but since we were on a trip to texas he didnt show it. my moms dad, the one that died when i was 2, he didnt have cancer or anything. he actually started to smoke when he was 12. so he was addicted to it his whole life. after my grandpa died, my grandma was actually experimenting extremely weird situations. since my grandfather was a enginner, all the lights would flicker and keep flickering at times, and she would know that he was with her :) sometimes i still feel him around me. try to find signs that she is with you, because i know for sure, she wouldnt leave you :)

    but dont worry, if your grandma was having pain the few last days of her death, then she cant feel any more pain. :) and remember she is with god now, he is taking care of her. if you believe in reincaration (that is where when someone dies they come back to life as another thing) then she could be on earth, watching over you at all times, but you just dont know it.

    trust me, she is watching over you. she loves you, she would NEVER leave you.

    hope your doing okay,
    julina (your bestie friend) <3

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    hesperiaNo Location

    rachael , thank you so much for your thoughs i really need some but im doing okay . every day is really hard cuz its hard to forget my grandma and we never thought she would die frist we thought my grandpa would cuz he has heart problems . but i cuz not and im srry about your grandpa . i well keep that in mind . yeah its really hard cuz if i go to my grandpas house i well never get to see my grandma and wake her up . but it well take time to get use to .

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    hesperiaNo Location

    hey julina
    im really srry about ur grandpa . i well tell you both my grandparents on my moms side they both smoke and they been smoke since they were teenagers and they tried to stop when they moved to Lancaster , ca . but i well say that when my dads dad died when he was 8 so i never got to know him but every since his dad died at my dads house his dads spirit is still at that house .when my mom lived there the spirits would take ner keys and turn on the sink . they arent around that offten anymore but when my dads gone and its night omg its so scary but i know its the spirits . anyways im doing okay not as well as i would be but im okay. i well really miss her but i knw shes with me . ( its like shes behind me watch me type this up ) . thnks for your thoughts ive gtg i have to go get more kuvan and then go meet my dad and go to his house.
    Your friend ,
    Andrea <333 :)

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    Salinas, California

    Hi Andrea, sorry for your loss.

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    hesperiaNo Location

    thank you for your thoughs . that made my day

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