type 1 and pku

type 1 and pku

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type 1 and pku

July 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

im 14 i have just been diagnosed with type 1, for some reason im not growing or gaining weight. im going to b 15 in November and weigh 76 pounds and 4 ft 10. My family thinks i need to finally after 14 yrs without meat, eggs, milk, that my body needs it and they want me to start eating meats, drinking milk an eating yogurt,but continue to drink my shakes,,i need to know what other people think and does anyone else have or know someone that has type 1 and pku? btw i have never been off diet, the only thing i ever cheeted with was regular pasta when we go out to eat..evry other month or so for 2 yrs

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    Type one as in Diabetes?
    I think in the end going off diet is a personal choice, you have to be aware of how it affects you.

    Personally I wouldn’t go off-diet as I have problems with keeping my mood positive when my levels are higher and also have problems trying to study, BUT that may not happen for you, some people go off diet and don’t find it affects them straight away, if at all (I say straight away cos it could affect us later on in life, in like 20-30years, we don’t entirely understand the affects of going off diet yet).

    Not gaining weight is a problem, and if you are worried about it and don’t want to go off diet, talk to your clinic, particularly your dietitian, when I was under-weight (5ft4 and 103lb) I asked my clinic to provide a dietitian in my town to go to each month with the specific task of trying to gain weight, just so I had that support, the dietitian didn’t specialize in PKU, but she still came up with good ideas on how to gain weight. For example, using oils in salads and on my pasta, eating more pasta, maybe even drink more formula etc etc.
    With type one I expect it would be more difficult to manage that by yourself, so talk to your team and see what they can help with. I managed to gain some weight (went to 114lb) however I stopped growing at 5ft9 and was still hanging around 114lb, until I turned 20, then my body decided it would pack on the pounds and I went to 137lb within 8months, and that’s where I’m at now. Seems to me like I was meant to be a skinny wee thing until I hit adulthood, could be similar for you, you never know.

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