Umm.. I'm back!

Umm.. I'm back!

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Umm.. I'm back!


April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Okay, so I got a bit lost! no seriously. I forgot I even was on this site, lol. For some reason I stopped getting notifications and have been hugely busy with work so it just hasn't crossed my mind to even come here and I kind of forgot. I guess it's time for an update.... a lot has been going on for me since my last post. I managed to get pregnant in October and was due to have my baby in August, but unfortunately I had a missed miscarriage. That means it wasn't picked up until my 12 week scan. The baby had died but nothing had come out and I still thought I was pregnant. Obviously it was awful and probably the hardest thing I've ever been through. I opted to have tablets inserted to make the miscarriage happen and the dose wasn't strong enough, so they did it again. The second time put me into labour and my Mum was with me at the time. She thinks what I had was worse than labour. I was in absolute agony for 8 hours straight and NOTHING I was taking would even take the edge off the pain. I've never been in such pain before!! I was saying to my husband "that's it, we're just getting a dog! I'm not doing this again!" and my Mum was saying "Ah you'll forget and change your mind!" (and I have since, lol). But I ended up in the hospital on a drip with Maxalon and Tramadol being IVed into me and that finally stopped the pain, not before I lost my lunch a few times. So yes, that was in January and a nasty time. My body pretty much straightened itself out in terms of cycles almost immediately, but it had a strange effect on my PKU levels. They went up intially because I had a break from the maternal diet for a few weeks after the miscarriage. But then when I got back on the maternal diet, they dropped right down to 30 and stayed there for about a month or so! Over that time, I continued to raise my daily protein intake so I could get them to go back around 75-150, which is maternal goal. As a result, after the month or so, they finally shot up to 430 because I'd been overcompensating. I then got really strict and got them down to 230 within a week, so I'm sure they're at the right level now as it's 2 weeks later now. We are trying again and have been for 2 cycles now. I'm currently in the "two week wait" between ovulation and my period being due, so fingers crossed it doesn't come and I'm pregnant again (with a sticky bub this time!) So yeah, that's my update. Hopefully the rest of the year will be a happier time!

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    Great to hear from you again Bannie x

    however i am sorry to hear of ur loss and the pain you went through, But sounds like ur a strong person and have great support :-)

    I wish you all the best and fingers crossed for this months results :-) sending loads of baby dust ur way x x

    Nicole x

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    Cornwall, New York

    Bannie – I am so sorry you went through all of this. I am glad to hear you are back to being positive and trying to get pregnant again. I pray you will have a better year ahead of you :)

    Katie xoxo

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    Thank you ladies. I am a strong person and do have great support, plus my strong faith in God, which is why I believe I’ve been able to get through this so well. I’ve had my ups and downs and random moments where it all comes back to me and I have an awful day… but for the most part I have peace. I’m so blessed with such a wonderful family and friends all around me so I can’t complain about anything really. Thanks for your well wishes, I should know by Monday if I was successful this cycle or not… the wait is doing my head in though! lol

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    Hi Bannie am really sorry that you went throught all that, I really hope you are pregnant and all my thought’s are with you!! xxx

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