Untreated PKU

Untreated PKU

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Untreated PKU

January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

For those of you who think ohhhh well my diets not that important your wrong. I have seen the damaging effects of untreated Pku. Never ever think that your diets not important its the most important thing in your life. Spikes are just as bad as high levels. As toddlers my sister"s diet and as well as mine were not properly taken care of. I have bad short term memory. My sister has some mental retardation and bad ADHD. I feel bad for her because it wasn't her fault that our diet was mistreated. I am glad our diet has been under control for 6 years. So please take care of your diet it really important what the doctors say is really true.

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    Anacortes, Washington

    Hey my short term memory is all but gone too. My parents controlled my diet well as a child so please dont think that if your controlled as a chil you can handle it on your own through high school either. my mom got tired of cooking two meals when i was 12 and put managment into my hands…. bad idea.. I am 32 and now have been dignosed with Severe ADHD and its not that we have memory LOSS i had psychometric testing for 7 hours straight last week our memory is bottle necked meaning we only recieve about 20 % of whats coming in. this may differ a bit in your case where I am 100 percent classicly sensitive to ALL phenylalinine and ANY amount spikes my lvels including eating carrots and cauliflour that is supposed to be a “yes ” food for us. It was almost a relief to hear ADHD though because I seriously thought I was coming up with early onset alzhiemers or dementia which is way more scary. ADHD my family handles with success. So as Im praying to daily struggle with this thing I will think of you and add you in my prayers of not only healing but wisdom in how to go about your day being stronger than temptations.

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    Taylor, Michigan

    good luck to you and your sister just keep up with what you are doing

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