Update on what's been happening

Update on what's been happening

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Update on what's been happening

January 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi, it has been 6 months that I have posted by last blog, which is long overdue. Well, the last time that I written I got my levels down to7.7. Which was really good but last August 2011 I stopped drinking my formula, but with good reason. I was waiting to see if my insurance company would pay the remainder amount. The good news they did as of December 14, 2011, the problem was I had to wait 6 months for it to go through, which was why I stopped. But for the New Year I decided that if they would cover the formula that as of the New Year I would really try to go back on my PKU diet fully. I am very pround to say as of January 1st, 2012 I have done just that. I am drinking my 5 packs of PhenylAde 40, watching what I eat and writing it all down. I did a blood test on January 2 to see where my blood levels are at right now, I have not gotten them back yet. But, I will keep you posted as I am very excited to see where they fall and where they will be in a months time. Since all of this I have been logging on PKU.com alot more just within the last few days. I am really trying to keep up with it now because even though I have my family, husband, & my best friends support it is not the same as those of us with PKU and the ones who have already been through it to be able to talk to and express are fears and frustration about the PKU diet. I really hope to hear from some of you soon. Take care, and I will be updating again real soon. alt
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