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March 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

hey my name is andrea if u dont know me omg there is so much stuff that has happen well anyways we found out that my grandma has cancer witch sucks but shes doing so much better and she is really improving . also ive been hang out with lots of my friends and now i like two guy omg there so cute but still i think i need to foucs on school and my grandma right now but theres names are xaiver and kyle but im geting over one of them and i remmber the frist time i met kyle he was in all my class and we us to talk a lot but when we were in math class last year my ipod got stolen and we though both of us lost are ipods omg it was not good at all my dad was so mad but kyle found my ipod and thats all thanks to him .and also this year i had him in all my class in the beging of the year and it was great we still talk but i think im just going to be his freind but xaiver idk yet havent really talk to him but he is a pretty good guy form wht i heard well eough with the guy talk more abt pku and my life well anyways my life is okay there are some bad and good things happening and for those of u who that have pku you should be lucky i knw sometimes its hard it was hard for me i though i could handle it but i dealed with it and im warning you people PLZ STICK TO UR DIET OR AT LEAST TRY i knw it hard but it is wht it is at least were living cuz each day theres ppl out there that have worse like my dad all ways say dont take things for granted cuz most ppl are dieing or then have worse condintions then me or any one who has pku if this helps you just think abt it and im only 14 and i learned my lesson on how to stick to my diet i hope this good advise . thank you for reading all my blogs i well post more updates soon well i gtg so bye hope to talk with yu guys soon bye plz leave a comment cuz i really like talking to ppl or message me with any questions thnk u so much bye bye

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    , Utah

    Hi :D Im khyrsten your blog was fun to read. and i agree with we could have it so much worse. I think about that all the time. I like to think that im lucky to have this even though at some poits it has really REALLY sucked. :) message me anytime k :D

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    hesperiaNo Location

    hey!! thanks yeah i know hahaha but sometimes to me it sucks but thats life hahah and i well thank aqnd i also injoy reading urs to its really inspiring to me but keep on writing those blogs there really good to reaqd cuz for myself im only 14 teen but its good to meet you tho well i hope you have a wonderful christmas and i hope we keep in touch thanks for reading my blog ;D

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