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January 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hi mommy's who have PKU! I am Bianca. I am 20 years old I have PKU. I had my first child June of 2012. She's a healthy baby girl and no PKU. My pregnancy was good until the third trimester where I felt sick all the time but my Phe levels were always excellent. Finally, when I had my daughter I still didn't feel good. Everyday there was a problem wheather I had no appetite, naseous, felt hot, felt stuffy, dizzy spells, lightheaded, etc. I didn't think much of it because your body goes through so much when being pregnant I just always thought it was my hormones. My daughter is now 8 months old and these past few months I've been feeling worse then ever. I am lightheaded everyday, I can just be sitting down and simply getting up and I will experience that "blood rushing to your head" feeling. Sometimes when I reach for things high up I get lightheaded. Another MAJOR problem is feeling foggy/disoriented. It's an awful feeling! I feel like I can't focus but I can. I get dizzy sometimes. For some background info: I am a little bit anemic but on an Iron supplement, my Phe levels are fine, other amino acid levels are good, I take a mulitvitamin everyday, I have post patrum depression and anxiety but go to therapy, not on any meds, and I recently found out I have an irregular heartbeat. IF YOU ARE A WOMAN THAT HAD A BABY AND YOU EXPERIENCED DIFFICULTIES AFTER THE BIRTH OF YOUR CHILD PLEASE SHARE WITH ME!! No doctors can seem to find the problem and it's making my depression worse because I never feel good! Thanks!
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