Vote for PKU in August!! Everyday! Read this and vote everyday.

Vote for PKU in August!! Everyday! Read this and vote everyday.

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Vote for PKU in August!! Everyday! Read this and vote everyday.

August 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone! I have pasted information below that explains what is going on. This competition started in July and PKU went from around 140 all the way to the 48 in rank. The top 10 get the grant money. Because we did so well, we have been invited to compete again this month. As of today we are ranked 17!!!!! Please, please, please read this information and get yourself set up to vote. Then, vote everyday. Then, invite your friends to vote. Know anyone that texts? Invite them to text this everyday. We can do this!!!! The National PKU Alliance has been selected by Pepsi to compete for a $50,000 grant for PKU Research. To win this money, we need your help. Every day in August, please vote to support the NPKUA Pepsi Refresh Project. TO VOTE VIA EMAIL/FACEBOOK:  Go To and vote for the National PKU Alliance project. (To find, put NPKUA in the search box).  The direct link is The first time you vote, you will need to register. After that, you will just need to sign in each time you vote. Both registering and signing in are quick and easy. Text Your Vote Daily: Text 100571 to 73774 Other ways we would love for you to help get the votes:         If you have a facebook page, blog, twitter, or personal website, please add a widget or link to our project. On the Pepsi Refresh Site, when you vote for NPKUA, there is a column on the right side of the screen that allows you to add a widget to your website or blog, or to use twitter or facebook to solicit votes.             Please send this to all of your friends and family, asking them to vote daily for our project, and to share this with all of their friends and family.             Offer your friends and family to send daily voting reminders.     With your help, we could not only win the $50,000, but also raise awareness about PKU. If you would like a daily reminder to vote, simply send an email to Thank you so much for your votes and your help in finding a cure for PKU.

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    I’m working on it too!

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