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December 19, 2016 in Living with PKU

Weekends are always hard for me from a diet standpoint. Usually there are activities we are doing or people we are going to see, and keeping healthy snacks nearby is not always an option. I know that I can bring an apple or pear with me, but after a while it gets boring. Or I just plum forget until later in the car and I'm starving.Then if we are going out to eat, it becomes a battle of will. Do I want to eat healthy or do I throw the diet out the window for the day. I am not sure. Eating healthy sometimes gets boring, because there are only so many choices when we are at Rancho Grande or Chilis, or even the local diner.There are only so many combinations you can make with veges, potatoes, and fruit. It's also about finding the time to eat. Most days I will drink 4 or 5 glasses of my better milk and forget to eat. By the time I remember, it is dinner time and I just grab what ever is easiest or quickest. Overall, I just struggle with staying on diet. It is a daily challenge, but I know when I make the right choices I feel better, I stay energized, and I am more quipped to handle life's daily encounters.

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    Monticello, Arkansas

    I have finally started knowing the difference in my moods when I do and don’t follow the diet. I know I can focus better and I am usually in a better mood. It’s amazing to read this and be able to understand. To have people who understand.

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      Hockley, Texas

      I am the same. I can tell if I haven’t had my milk or eaten right, because I get angry easily and short tempered. When I am drinking my milk and eating right, I have a lot more patience and its easier to focus on what tasks I have for the day. Its so nice to talk about pku with someone who totally gets it and doesn’t need an explanation. I have friends who I talk to about my diet but they don’t really understand the daily struggles of eating right. How could they? It’s like an addiction, a food addiction. I love my starches, but they are not good for me! But I still want them. UGH! You know?

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