Welcome to Canada.

Welcome to Canada.

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Welcome to Canada.

August 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

 I have one thing to say to you all... Welcome to Canada where strangers on the street actually wave, smile and have a conversation with you. Where smiling is a day to day occurrence not a rare occasion. A place where people care. A place where people go out of their way to make you feel special. A place I feel EXTREMELY blessed to have been born. Growing up in Canada has been a fantastic opportunity. Free medical care, and medical food are only 1 benefit, the staff at maritime medical genetics are truly above and beyond. Always making things easier! Always making sure I know exactly what do in a situation. Which leads me to today's topic. Now I have no idea where whoever reading this is from, but today was the Tim Hortons staff BBQ event in my location. (Tim Hortons=coffee for those who don't know) as a guest I was nervous how and what I would eat at this shindig. Most people don't get the whole "no meat" thing. So I did it. I told my boss about PKU and would you believe it she didn't think I was a freak! In fact she was really interested... Which def made me not so nervous. I love canadian hospitality. So the moral of today's story is come to Canada. We're awesome.
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