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August 15, 2016 in Diet, Living with PKU

In my first post, I would like to say that I feel that I am truly challenged every day by the diet to be the best that I can be every day. Not only do I have to eat right and exercise, but also I have to do my best to drink my 3 glasses of formula a day. The 3 glasses a day makes a huge difference for me when I follow the protocol. It means that I can sleep through the night better, feel good about staying on track as best I can, and it can mean that I can feel a little less guilty about eating that extra cracker or cookie that I had earlier in the day. The loss of an extended, deep sleep of 8 hours is likely when I go to sleep having had only 2 glasses or less (yikes!). I have noticed this as a side effect for myself. So, if I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep, I will go and grab my cup, powder and blender. I notice that after I hit the pillow I am asleep in less than 10 minutes. Works every time for me. Let me know if you have had a similar experience with sleep deprivation and the amount of formula drunk in the previous day.

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    I feel the same way Eric. I always feel better when I drink my formula. I know I tend to eat less and also eat healthier if I drink my milk first. If I wake up at night then I do the same thing, grab my cup, milk packet and drink. Most nights though I don’t make it through a whole packet, sometimes I drink just half. They are extremely filling. what type of formula do you drink? I drink Better Milk, it has 100 calories per packet, so by the time I am finished with it, I don’t even want to eat. It’s really great if I just want a late night snack but don’t want to ruin my diet.

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    I drink Phenyl Ade MTE Amino Acid Blend three times a day. I would call it having a neutral taste. It really doesn’t taste like anything. I used to drink Phenyl Free for nearly 30 years. Then one day Phenyl Free went away and then I drank Maxamum XPhe for a number of years until about 5 years ago I started drinking my current formula. The current formula doesn’t really have any vitamins in it so I have to take vitamins as a supplement. When I drank a glass of Phenyl Free in my past, it was almost like I got a rush mentally in that it was like someone flipped a switch in terms of my alertness and mental acuity. Athletically, I felt like afterwards I had an almost unfair advantage when taking it prior to competition. I would be really interested in studies of how much impact a glass of formula has on a person with PKU in many different areas of a person’s life that can be quantified at the micro level. PKU is a disease that doesn’t always tell you directly how it’s effecting your life-it can be really subtle at times to the PKU patient. It is more likely to surface in its effect in the observations of you by others than by your own observations.

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