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What's been happening…

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What's been happening…

June 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well I'm guessing you'll be wanting to know about NZNTM, it was a bit disappointing for me, but despite that I still think it was all a good experience. I got in to see the judges and as I walked it I said "hi" to them and smiled and just tried to seem positive and happy. And everyone in the room perked up and smile back, which made me feel quite good, not about my chances, but just in general, cos I was nervous. Sadly though a few seconds later I was told that I'm too small and the main Judge on the show doens't want to put me through the intense scrutiny and criticism that would most likely happen if I did get on the show. I explained how PKU was keeping me healthy but made it difficult to gain weight and how I had been teased about thinness in the past, but I don't think I worded things correctly, it is a big thing to explain. So I was sent back out with a resounding "no" I was very upset at first, but I'm very sure I didn't let too much of that show to the judges and I was also disappointed, I'm debating trying again next season, I feel that I might just try to make my own way into modeling, it won't be as quick but the feeling of satisfaction will be better if I do it myself and prove that it is possible. In the meantime I am going to do some hair modelling for a local hair dresser, which will be tons of fun. And there is a fashion show that I've heard about and sent off an email for, plus theres also the fashion show for the fashion students at uni at end of year, and I'm hoping to try out for a fashion show for one of the big Uni's, and anything else I can find out about. In other life news, the exam I was studying for turned out to be early then I had actually expected so I ended up cramming for about 9 hours the day before the exam, and very thankfully my diet had been pretty much perfect so no memory problems, and I did extremly well on the test, I'm quite sure that I've got at least a B at most probably an A, though I think thats a little adventurous haha. I'm midway through completing a glass project for glass school, however there has been a cold spreading and I've managed to get a slight throat infection instead. I took today off as I had the worst nights sleep, but the throat just seems to have gotten a little worse. I have to go in tomorrow, and there is a party on that night so I will be heading to bed early with a lemon, honey and ginger tea in a somewhat desperate hope that the throat will ease up a little. Anyways, I hope everyone has had a good week, and that all diets are going as well as mine has this week :) I even did my blood test on time, just gotta send it off to the National Testing Center now. Let me know how you all are! :D
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