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April 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

hey pkuers whus up im so glad its friday arent u wow i made it throw this week with all the drama so whats people and if u dont know my name is andrea and i live in victorville california well anyways i like to ride horses and i have to take care of my stupied pku u thing but its not so hard u just have to make the formula and eat the low pronent food but i now how it feel when u dont want to tell any of your friends or other people cuz believe me when i went to this camp peolpe stared at me or said so what is pku or y cant u eat other food or any thing els like us im like well lets just tell them to mind there own buissness but if its an audlt then u tell them what it is and just say that oh do u have a problem with me having something deffrent than u i hate that when that happens but all my family understands even my cousins and other people.okay pkuer im happy to anwser your questions and comments and if u want to email me on more tips on pku go right head but heres my email its horseslovers14@hotmail.com and if that one doesnt work email me at dollythedolphine@sbcglobal.net okay thanks you.gtg bye bye see ya have a great week end okay
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