When raising a child with PKU takes a toll on me..

When raising a child with PKU takes a toll on me..

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When raising a child with PKU takes a toll on me..


June 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am a newly-single mom who raises a four-year-old daughter with PKU. Of course, I love my daughter very much, and I am willing to give up everything for her. Yet sometimes, just sometimes, I reach the point when I cannot take it anymore. You see, the father of Sofia left me a few months back. We just grew apart, that is why he decided to take off. He initially promised that he will help me raise our daughter, but he haven't kept his word. I haven't had a decent job since I gave birth, so it's quite understandable that it will be hard for me to find one during the time of the economic recession. The only thing that kept me and Sofia alive is my part-time job as a writer for a website where you can buy essay online. Still, it will never be enough, particularly for the special needs of my child. There are days when I can't look at my precious baby without crying. She is so delicate and lovely, and I wonder if I can ever be a good mom to her. I wanted to provide her all her needs, feed her the right diet, and give all the best medical attention that kids with PKU deserve. Yet I don't know how to do it with my limited resources. I am also afraid that I can never be a good mom to her. Still, I can never consider giving her up for adoption. My Sofia is the best thing that ever happened to me. I just wish I can prove to her that I am the perfect mother for her. I know I must not give up. For Sofia, I have to give all the best that I can to ensure that she will grow up to be a good and healthy girl despite of her PKU.

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    belfast, INTERNATIONAL

    gale said on June 6, 2011

    hi brea. i live in northern ireland and have pku. i am not sure how your healh system works n the usa . here there is the national health service and the diet is free via the doctor. even the perscriptions. i would be afraid to live somewhere with no health service when i rely on it so much. hope you can find the right people to make raising your daughter a bit easier. a diet for life is now essential. she will be healthy and happy . all the best.

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    Chicago, Illinois

    Sounds rough. I bet your daughter is beautiful though. Where do you live in Wisconsin? There are a number of PKU support groups in Chicago (and I think Wisconsin too) that might help to get involved with.

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    palm springs, Florida

    just I want to tell you tha YOU ARE THE BEST MOM FOR SOFIA. When you want to give up, only think that special babies need special mom, so thats why God choose you as Sofia’s mom. It is only a hard time…everything pass…you will have your easy times and need to be with Sofia.

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    In my opinion you sound like an awesome mom who is doing everything that she can for her little girl :). Keep up the wonderful work and in the end just know you being there for your daughter is the best thing you can give her. Can I ask where you live in Wisconsin? I live in Franklin (Milwaukee county).

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    sheridan, Indiana

    Hi, My name is Katrina and I’m in Indiana and I have PKU . Listen I agree you need to enter a pku support group. It’s ok to be overwhelmed sometimes it doesn’t make you a bad mom it just makes you human. I do know God made you her mom for a very good reason. Not every mother could deal with the many demands and extra concerns that are associated with having a child with a special need. But there are mothers and families that could help support you and your daughter throuogh this hard time. I’m truly sorry things are so rough right now. I’m 39 and I inderstand and if i had a job at all I would try to help you somehow but maybe I can help by talking to you. I know that your little girl is going to grow up healthy. You have to know it too. PKU is managable but the younger your child the harder it can be. Reach out. There are others dealing with the same things you are. Smile you can do this your stronger than you think!

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