why is it so hard?

why is it so hard?

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why is it so hard?

October 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

I'm at college and it's getting harder for me to manage my diet. I've never had this much trouble before, but now all of a sudden, everything in the cafe looks better than what I have. except for my milk which I drink daily, I have no breakfast, and I am running low on my own foods, which is why I am ordering them as I write. all I do is eat fries and vegetables and salads but I don't want to be bothered with eating any of my own foods. I can't function on only low regular foods. my parents fear that if I don't get it figured out soon, I am going to drop out and never graduate college because it will interfer with my ability to study. how long is this going to last? how long will it be until I finally get it straight? soon, hopefully.

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    Hi…Sorry college is so tough. You’re right, it can get hard when there are lots of food options & you get tired of the same fruits and veggies. Do you have access to a kitchen anywhere? Either on campus, or at a friend’s house (maybe someone with family nearby)? If so, it may help to buy some baking mixes and do some of your own cooking. For me, even when I can’t buy lots of low protein foods it helps to have some type of bread product on hand to fill me up and give me some variety. When I don’t have a lot of money, I’ll buy some baking mix and make low pro cornbreads, banana breads, muffins, pancakes, etc. It makes eating lots of low veggies a little easier.

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    When did you start college? I had a hard time adjusting in the beginning with the whole cafeteria thing… do you have access to a kitchen where your dorm is? I had one, but ALL of my friends went to the cafeteria. I wanted to fit in and go with them. I would eat salad with my group of friends and than come back to the dorms where I would make pasta at the of the hallway where there was a common cooking area for the floor. You will be able to figure out a routine. Have you discussed different options with your dietitian? Do your college friends know about your PKU? I found it easier just to explain the diet to them so I felt comfortable around them and was able to say, “I am not eating anything else because I can’t.” That eliminated the questions of why are you only eating salad, why are you eating fries, don’t you need more, etc. Try to grab some fruit or veggies while you are there too…. I don’t really eat much breakfast as I drink my formula in the morning… it is really important if you are not eating that you at least get your formula in…… maintaining the formula intake is KEY too with college… where are you going to school? keep in touch… by the way, I didn’t even introduce myself… My name is Katie and I am 26 with PKU….. If you want to write back, send me a message… for some reason, I do not always get notifications of when someone writes back in a blog. :)


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    If you do not have access to a kitchen, consider getting an induction cooker top. (Amazon has them – they are expensive, but worth it in the long run). It is safer than the traditional plug in electric cooker tops since it does not get hot. We bring it with us when we travel so that we can always make pasta, grilled cheese, pancakes, etc. for Molly to supplement what we can order.

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