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why pku

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why pku


April 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

why is pku not treated as seriously as diabetes? there are serious side effects to untreated pku or levels too low as well as too high and in the uk it is just a diet . i find this extremely annoying .

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    If you’re referring to the fact that diabetes gets more public attention it is most likely because diabetes is much more prevalent than PKU. I also think that, although our PKU diet is very important, properly managing glucose levels is emphasized so much more because high/low glucose levels can cause coma or even death.

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    i find this extremely annoying also as many people even professionals not only don’t treat it as seriously but the majority don’t even know what it is which really annoys me. I mean i understand that the effects of going off of diabetes are more immediate and life threatening but the effects of PKU are pretty drastic aswell and i feel more people should know about it. but that might just be me.

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    Yes pku may not as seriously treated as diabetes by professionals is there is a the fact with diabetes that having too high sugar lever or too low will result in a diabetic coma, after that death.

    As for pku they most you is a massive headaches,nasua and bladder jams, But if picked up late and not treated at brith it will cause profound brain damage and resulting mental retarding of mental ablities.

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