with the right friends pku is entertaining

with the right friends pku is entertaining

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with the right friends pku is entertaining

June 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

With the right friends PKU is fun and funny! My friends have aways been very sapourtive with my PKU always makin sure I have something to eat and im happy with what im eating. But sometimes they can go alittle over bord... I've had friends tackle me for drinkin orange juice cause they saw it had 1gm of protein. Also my friends would just order me a salad when we would go out not knowing that there is other things I can have on the menu... Then there is the question everyone askes that im sure your friends or family ask all the time. " can you have that?" ha ha ha i love to have fun if i have friends that ask that when they have seen me eat whatever im eating... When they ask that question I always say no, and then a couple of mins later i fall to the ground and act like I passed out... lol my friends dont think its as funny as i do sometimes i get kicked.... but its worth it! Latly I've made new friends that likes to tease me about my PKU. There very funny little things but when you tease me i get yeah back... :D My boyfriend and his friends call me B.B ( baby bunny) why they call me this? Cause i eat "rabbit food" and drink "baby forumla" they like to give me crap about it but i get them back. My boyfriend and his friend wanted to know more about my PKU one day and i told them my protein glan was in the wrong place. They were buying it every little bit of my story. I told them that it should be in my liver but mine wasnt it was in my leg... I have a bump on my leg so i had them feel it and say that was it. they thought it was AWESOME! I took them to a PKU appt and they talked to my doctors about it... the doctors looked at them like they were idiots i couldnt help but laugh at them. they just looked at me and i just smiled and said pay back is a bitch! Now I've talked about my boyfriend alot just cause i really love him and he is so sappourtive! but hes not the brightest.... On my 20th birthday he came over with a huge bag of peanut butter cups for me and said happy birthday! I looked at him and laughed, he looked at me like what? and i said im so happy you got me a bag of death! He looked at the bag and a little light bulb lit lol he handed me the bag and said look in it. It was a beautiful necklace! even though he didmt think about the candy he still made up for it.... Alright and my last story, like i said i am B.B well one day my BF and his friends were givin me crap about me drinking baby forumla sayin that they should get me a sippy cup and they were going to burp me.... Well the next day when we hung out i showed up with a sippy cup with my milk in it... they staired and laughed at me and thought it was the most awesome thing i have ever done. Pku can be hard at some times.... but if you have the right people in your life it can be a blast :)

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    Tucson, Arizona

    haha. that’s awesome! I’ve had co-workers say I’m eating rabbit food before. Some of my friends have decided that since I won’t budge about what they think everyone needs to eat, they say they’re keeping a list of foods they’re going to feed me on my deathbed. :) One of my former co-workers kind of looks like Mr. Clean (bald head, very muscular and short/stocky) and I laughed so hard when he told me “one of these days you’re gonna wake up with a big PORK CHOP in your mouth!”

    I think that it’s good to keep a good attitude about everything in life…humor is a great thing. I love that you convinced your boyfriend and friends that the bump on your leg was your “protein gland”. That’s priceless! I may need to remember that one…

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    , Utah

    thanks thats pretty funny a pork chop in your mouth ha ha thats great!

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    Warren, Michigan

    haha that’s awesome!

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    ...., Michigan

    the 1st part about your friends careing that much. I wish my friends would do that.. I still have not found a way to deal with it.

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    , Florida

    Khyrsten, I read through your posts and can relate to some of them- I like how you have developed a really good attitude. It is good that you can take the ribbing from your boyfriend and friends… I know that it means something different if it comes from insensitive people, but with friends those things can be comforting. I am not there yet. Most of my friends do not know because I have been off diet for so long.

    I read about the guy at Applebees- you should have dumped him at Applebees! I read that and was angered- telling you that you’d have to “eat normal” to be with him? He was not worth your time. My wife is just now learning about PKU and she is finding ways to be supportive. It is really nice.

    Hang in there with the diet… We are not abnormal. We are overcomers.

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