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August 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi there I am over the moon i am 9 weeks pregnant and have got my levels right down to a safe range. Baby has strong heartbeat! Its really easy to get them down because i am not thinking of me, its about my baby and creating a environment suitable for growth. So just for all those who are off diet and want a baby but are too scared, it can be done with determination and focus. Tash

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    Congrats and good luck :). That’s so exciting!

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    Cornwall, New York

    Congrats Tasha. I am glad things are going well for you and your baby! Keep us posted :)

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    Tucson, Arizona

    Congratulations. I’m not off diet, but pku & pregnancy have always worried me. I’m hearing from more and more women w/ PKU having healthy babies and saying it’s do-able so that helps to convince me that my husband and I might have healthy kids someday! Definitely keep us posted!

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    Park City, Kansas

    Hey there
    My name is Amy and I am 40 years old, I have PKU, and have been married for 19 yearsI have not been off diet until recently when I started the Kuvan pills. I just have a thought for you.
    I have been where you are at now. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! You are right it is all about the baby,but also for you too. I have two kids, they are now healthy, smart teenagers. One of which has just graduated from high school with very good grades and seeking to be a Nurse. If you ever want to talk or if you have down days just kick me an e-mail blujaks@juno.com. I totally understand where you are coming from with diet, fears, joy and all that! Hope to hear from you.

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    Hey congrats :-) i am 28 year old, i have classical PKU and i have 2 healthy girls who are both very bright.. I had a very hard time with both my pregnancies because of PKU but ave heard some women who ave breezed through it, i hope ur one of them…just keep focused x

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