It’s never too late to get back to care.

Many of the symptoms you may be feeling might be caused by high or unstable blood phenylalanine (Phe) levels. But you have the possibility to keep your blood Phe levels under control and make the most of your PKU management plan. You can restart your PKU management journey by visiting a PKU clinic.

We now know that PKU must be managed for life, which may be different than what you have been told in the past. So, no matter how long you’ve been off diet or away from the clinic, you may be able to see improvements in your symptoms.

“The people at clinic work with you; they had all the information I could need. They were helpful.”

Returning to clinic helped Eric lower
his blood Phe levels and live a more
energetic life while managing his PKU.

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Personal & Professional Benefits: Kelly’s Story

Kelly was able to focus more after she returned to clinic and reduced her blood Phe levels.

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Back to Clinic After 50 Years: Connie’s Story

When Connie returned to clinic after 50 years, she was able to significantly lower her blood Phe levels.

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Patients Returning to Clinic: A Clinician’s Perspective

Danielle explains that there are more options than ever to help those affected by PKU.

Locate your closest clinic.
How do you know if
it’s PKU?
A PKU event might be
right for you.
Keep in mind

The symptoms of PKU can be difficult to identify and happen slowly over time. And they can have a serious impact on your brain. That’s why check-ins with a clinic are so important.

If you have been feeling foggy, confused, or anxious lately, it could be your PKU.

Join the PKU & ME program for support and guidance on living a healthy life with PKU.